8 Easy Ways to Secure Your WordPress Web Site

Eight Steps to Easily Secure Your WordPress Site!

1 – Keep WordPress, Themes, and Plugins up to date – It’s critical to ensure you keep all WordPress related software up to date. Not only do updates add enhancements and bug fixes but they may contain important security patches as well. If you find that there hasn’t been an update to a plugin or theme in a long time, check the author page to see if it is still being supported.

2 – Reduce the success of Brute Force Attacks – use an administrator username other than “Admin” or “admin”. Publish blog posts under a user with Editor rights or lower.
3 – Use strong passwords.
4 – Use a security plugin like Loginizer to deter brute force attacks or something more robust like Wordfence or Sucuri for more complex security measures.
5 – Use a SSL certificate to encrypt your site’s traffic including the username and password when logging in.
6 – Ensure you use secure FTP programs like WinSCP to connect to your web host.
7 – Only publish pages and posts using an Editor role or lower (not an Administrator).
8 – And last but not least ensure whatever devices you use to connect to your site are equipped with anti-virus/anti-malware software. You don’t want your login credentials stolen by a keylogger or other malware.

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